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          FYI by CROZ: the moments that made us smile in 2022

          clock4 minute read


          Hey there! We wanted to share with you, our dear friends and clients, some of the highlights from our incredible journey in 2022. From ground-breaking opening of our new Munich office to colossal success of our first AI project, we had our fair share of highs. But what truly made it special were the little victories along the way—the camaraderie and true partnership with our clients, the late-night brainstorming sessions, and that special flavour of CROZ spirit. So, grab a cup of coffee and join us as we stroll down memory lane, revisiting the best moments that made 2022 an exceptional year for our company. Let’s relish in the memories together! 

          The past year has opened some new perspectives. The new identities of the CROZ family – AI, DACH and CROZ Studio – brought some new focus which enabled us to look at our mothership with different eyes and see the opportunities to find more comprehensive and better solutions to our customers challenges. We surely used new strengths in the right way!

          Vedrana Miholić, Sales Manager

          But that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Within FYI by CROZ, you’ll discover a wide range of captivating tech topics, from winning at EU Datathon to tips for designing large-scale cloud migrations. 

          We’re thrilled to showcase our collaborations with esteemed partners like HT, Nexi Group, UniCredit Group, and Raiffeisen Bank. Moreover, we’re excited to share our journey of networking and community-building, including a story about how we initiated a community meetup for senior-level conversations among developers, called Trailblazers. 

          Trailblazers meetup

          The QED conference –  a place where tech and meaning fuse for the past 15 years got a special spotlight. Hey, it’s a big birthday after all and we wanted to make it special – both live and online. 

          This year we decided to focus on value and it was amazing – to say the least. Our Krešimir Musa, sum it up pretty well: 

          The focus on value starts at the personal level. And then it grows into teams, projects, organizations, processes, and cultures. The question of value is simply the first one we should ask, in everything we do.

          Krešimir Musa, Chief Technology Office

          QED Conference

          And let’s not forget about our awesome CROZ family! We’ve had countless memorable moments throughout the year, from the adrenaline-fueled CROZ gravel adventures to unforgettable Christmas and birthday celebrations. We also discussed our efforts to become a more environmentally and socially responsible company, including becoming a bike-friendly company and and supporting admirable work our NGOs do with an app called Altruist. We even collaborated with 12 amazing NGOs to create a beautiful desk calendar. 

          Join us in celebrating a year filled with achievements, collaborations, and meaningful experiences.

          We are thrilled to share all of these stories and experiences with you, so better click here and read more!

          FYI ABOUT FYI :)

          One of the old, printed editions of FYI by CROZ

          For those who may not know, FYI by CROZ was originally a beloved magazine that captivated readers with various interviews, reportages, and insightful tech knowledge. The first number was launched in December 2006, but now, in celebration of the monumental 15th edition of our QED conference, we decided to bring FYI by CROZ back – this time online, making it easily accessible to partners, friends and tech enthusiasts. 

          FYI BY CROZ

          FYI by CROZ is back – this time online and easily accessible to everyone.


          We are thrilled to share 2022 stories and experiences with you! 👇🏻

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