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CROZ Contributes to The Community with Open-source Projects

26. 01. 2022

Check out our open-source projects - NRich, HRK2EUR Converter, Klokwrk and DataPower Commander - and find out how they contribute to the community.

Along with many projects and initiatives, we also continue to volunteer, donate, and support open-source projects to positively impact the community. We believe these kinds of gestures raise awareness of the community’s importance, so we encourage our employees to be proactive and contribute to the community.

In recent years, we can single out a few open-source projects that marked our community participation:

  • NRich
  • HRK2EUR Converter
  • Project Klokwrk
  • DataPower Commander

Simplify your Java Application Development with NRich

As we developed custom enterprise applications, we recognized that some features were common across all applications. Thus, we developed G*Rich, a framework based on Groovy, Grails, and ExtJS. Later, we decided to create a modular version – NRich – to make it more accessible to everyone.

NRich is an open-source Java library for faster and easier application development. It’s based on Spring Framework, but also provides optional Spring Boot starters to make configuration even easier. Its modular design enables you to use only the modules you need. Like any other library, it’s simple to integrate into existing projects.

Dual Currency Display on Web with HRK2EUR

Since from July 1, 2022, all prices in Croatia must be displayed in dual currency, Kuna and Euro, we developed a simple open-source tool “HRK2EUR Converter”. The converter is free, user-friendly, and easy-to-implement on any web page. Whether you are a small web shop or a large enterprise organization, the converter will enable your web page to automatically display all prices in both, Kuna and Euro – without changing a single line of application code – simple as that!

Set Up a Clean Architecture for Complex Systems with Project Klokwrk

Klokwrk is an open-source project intended for software architects and teams who are building microservice systems. It is a showcase and a blueprint that demonstrates how to properly set up the clean technical architecture of a complex system.

Unlike many Hello World examples that focus narrowly on just proving the concept, our product represents a holistic foundation/showcase that addresses real-world challenges better by leveraging DDD, Clean Architecture, CQRS & Event Sourcing principles and relying on the power and expressiveness of Spring Boot, Axon and Groovy.

Files Maintenance and Solutions Development with DataPower Commander

DataPower Commander is a command-line tool created for easier maintenance of files on DataPower appliances and easier development of DataPower appliance solutions. It has basic file maintenance functions like viewing, editing, copying and deleting file hierarchies, as well as filtering and searching files in the current directory. Moreover, it has sync mode functions – for automatic upload of new or changed files from local file system to DataPower or for automatic propagating of changes from any IDE/editor you are using to DataPower. In the latest update, many more interesting new features were added so check them out.

Until some future community-oriented projects and initiatives…

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