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          Data Engineering

          Real-Time Event Streaming in Unicredit Group


          We provided leading Croatian bank, Zagrebačka banka, with a solution that will enable them a real-time communication with clients. All for boosting client experience.


          Our goal is to become our clients’ partner in life. We want to be at their disposal whenever and however they need us. The best way how to envision that is through following example: if client's Internet purchase transactions gets declined due to insufficient limit amount, we immediately send them a push notification that takes them to exact place in the mobile banking app where they can change the limit and re-do the transactions. The recent impressions and reactions of our clients are highly positive and encouraging. We are very happy to have great cooperation with the CROZ team. They have truly demonstrated expertise, knowledge, and dedication to our common goal from the very start resulting in this great collaboration.


          Zagrebačka banka

          Zagrebačka banka (ZABA) is the leading Croatian bank and a member of UniCredit Group, a pan-European Commercial Bank with a unique service offering in Italy, Germany, Central and Eastern Europe. With over 100 years of history, ZABA today counts more than 3 500 employees and is recognized as a reliable, open and responsible banking partner to its trusted customers.

          Case study

          Digitalization is a global trend in the banking industry, with more and more clients conducting transactions and contracting products and services without visiting branches in person. Additionally, people are generally overwhelmed with information and tend to hear only the information which is relevant to them. In order to boost client experience, ZABA was looking for a solution that will enable real-time communication to clients.

          To enable the bank to initiate and conduct communication with clients in real-time, we established the RealTime CRM system as a complementary system to the existing CRM. The key benefit accomplished with this is improving customer experience by delivering them all the necessary information on time.

          The system’s technological basis consists of standard modern technologies in the field of real-time data processing.  When choosing technologies, we followed the trends in the domains of orchestration, event streaming, CI / CD, monitoring, etc. The compatibility of these areas enabled us to create an ecosystem that’s:

          • user-friendly and easy to upgrade
          • robust
          • provides a great balance between already used and new technologies

          With this choice of technologies, we ensured reliable and secure data processing as well as the system readiness to scale accordingly with new scenarios implementation.

          Agile methods of business process analysis (EventStorming) and solution development enabled the creation of practices that provide quick systems upgrade and adaptation to the new business requirements depending on Clients’ needs.

          From the very start, our mutual goal was to create a product that fits the defined purpose of improving customer experience. But also to be reusable at its maximum in different business contexts. We reached this by combining the team’s business and technology creative insights. With the implemented real-time communication platform ZABA has an excellent opportunity to use the available features in various business scenarios to strengthen its digital recognition and presence on the market.

          – Luka Gauta, Head of Product Management – CROZ

          Technologies we used

          Kafka OpenShift


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