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Top 5 CROZ Blog Posts of January 2020

04. 02. 2020

It’s fascinating what one can find out from just one look at Google Analytics report on most visited and most read content on their website. So you can see some quite old posts still appearing in the search results and obviously being helpful because they are consistently among the top most popular, you can see security is a hot topic and developers are searching for Docker image security scanning tools.
Our 0800-DEVOPS newsletter is still bringing amazing content to everyone interested in all things DevOps (if that’s you, make sure to subscribe!) and they’ve managed to speak to Kelsey Hightower,Staff Developer Advocate at Google for their latest issue.

Without spoiling it further, here are our 5 most read blog posts of January:

1. Docker Image Security Scanning Tools
Docker images, that act as “blueprints” for application container instances, are a common source of vulnerabilities that creep in application containers. Luckily, in his blog post our Jovan Jokic did a thourough analysis of specialized tools that will do the heavy-lifting for you and automatically scan images and report on any found security vulnerabilities. A must read indeed!

2. XFRM Programming
This is one of those very technical blogs that is neither new nor covering some shiny and hot topic. It is written on a very specific topic addressing an issue only the most advanced users would have. And they keep finding it valuable and helpful as it keeps appearing on our ‘most-read’ reports.

3. Quarkus – an elementary DevOps particle

What if we told you you could run 4 to 10 times more applications with the same resources? Find out more in this blog post from one of our DevOps experts!

4. Summer Internship at CROZ

Marija has not only first interned at CROZ and then recently joined as an employee in our Data Engineering team but she wrote a blog post and shared her impressions of the experience. Read carefully if you’d like to find out what made spending summer working instead enjoying her holidays worth it for her!

5. 0800-DEVOPS #11 – Kelsey Hightower, The Best of 2019, and what to expect in 2020

If you still haven’t subscribed to an amazing 0800-DEVOPS newsletter, handcrafted by our DevOps team, then what are you waiting for? It’s a monthly digest of hot topics they would otherwise discuss internally, reading recommendations and ‘Riding with the Queen/King’ section,  a series featuring short interviews with super interesting people from the field of technology.

Enjoy reading!

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