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Mighty Mainfraime – Fireside Chat with Tobias Leicher

25. 10. 2023

Welcome to the debut episode of 'Mighty Mainframe Fireside Chats.'


I am delighted to announce a series of Fireside Chats as part of the Mighty Mainframe newsletter. My very first guest is Tobias Leicher, an IBM Client Architect. As a true mainframe aficionado, he is very knowledgeable about all things mainframe but is also such an incredibly well-rounded professional and individual.  

I asked Tobias about future-proofing the mainframe platform and how he sees “mainframe modernization”. His answer was very lively and technically precise: “We need in-place modernization to close the technical debt.” He adeptly described why we need mainstream DevOps on the mainframe, Python vs. REXX, and Cobol vs. Java, and I especially liked the metaphor about “vegan sausages”.

Highlights of the first Fireside Chat: 

  • Future-proofing Mainframe  
    •  Misconceptions from the past & challenges in the future. 
  • Mainframe Modernization 
    • We have to close the technical debt. 
    • Why the hell do I need to switch to Python? 
  • DevOps on Mainframe 
    • It’s not about the sausage, it’s about the fork and knife. 
  • Mainframe in DACH  
    • DIY and closing the skills gap. 
  • Upbringing young Mainframers 
    • One who understands Bach’s music would be very good at programming. 

Mainframe technology is here to stay, but the conversation around mainframes must evolve. A concerted effort is needed to dispel myths, foster knowledge exchange between generations, and reimagine the mainframe’s role in today’s digital economy. This requires a combination of strategic investments, holistic solutions, and a culture of continuous learning and adaptation.  I believe Tobias Leicher is a perfect personification of a new mainframe narrative! 


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