Lastovska st. 23 | 5th floor

6 PM | December 2nd, 2022

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What's the agenda?


How to setup a kafka development environment in <7 min

Miroslav Čerkez will take you through a demonstration of setting up a Kafka cluster environment with multiple instances of Kafka brokers with included protection by using RedHat Openshift local and Strimzi Openshift operators – in the shortest time possible.

Duration: 30min


Is there more to data streaming than just Kafka?

Is there an organization without Kafka, how do juniors become seniors in this technology, and is there something like Kafka in the near future? These are just some of the questions our panelists will talk about.

Duration: 45min

Who are the lecturers?

Miroslav Čerkez
Architecture and integration consultant (CROZ)
Miroslav Cerkez
Ivan Krnić
Director of Engineering (CROZ)
Ivan Krnić
Tomislav Rajaković
Lead Site Reliability Engineer (SUPERBET)
Tomislav Rajakovic
Bruno Kovačević
Director Of Software Development
and Testing (RBA HR)
Bruno Kovačević

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    CROZ 5th floor, Lastovska 23, Zagreb
    Friday, December 2nd at 6PM

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