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A new baby mainframe: z14 ZR1

28. 04. 2018

z14 ZR1 is the first mainframe designed for a 19-inch rack.

There are two sorts of computers in the world of mainframes: the larger enterprise class that supports the biggest business systems and the smaller business class that is very powerful and completely fine for medium to large systems, albeit a bit weaker and more limited.

Just after the new generation of enterprise class mainframe computers called z14 was announced (which we wrote about on our CROZ blog), its baby called z14 ZR1 was also announced.

The most interesting thing about it is that it’s the first mainframe designed for the standard 19-inch rack. Since that makes it thinner than its predecessors, they call it ‘skinny’. It’s possible to add other components in the data centre to its chassis, so that you can save space and energy.

Just like his bigger brother baby z14 has been improved with regards to capacity, security and ability for real-time data analytics. Read more about it on the following link.

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