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          Contact us for all inquiries regarding services and general information

          agile coaching
          Soft skills

          Creative visualization workshop

          DURATION 1 Day

          Visual Thinking is all about: transferring information in a very simple way, without redundancy or too many words. The idea behind it is to skip all the unnecessary steps in the communication we usually tend to do and show to the other side what we really wanted to say. Visual facilitation should be a more engaged and fun way to transform information or data into an image. It helps to transfer the key message without too much noise and at the same time, you get very visual meeting minutes no one will forget.


          Through our Training, we will teach you how to add visuals to your daily business practice to create more meaningful outcomes in your work. You will learn the importance of simplicity and how to draw a bigger picture that everyone can understand. The workshop is not aimed at developing your drawing skills (but we do draw the whole time:)). Instead, it is primarily focused on how to use visual language to transfer desired information.

          You can use visual thinking for anything, not only business-related stuff, but we should name a couple of areas where nothing beats visuals:

          Describing situations that involve people with different roles/goals.


          Visualizing tasks/challenges which usually include time planning, project/product roadmaps, and similar. Showing your project roadmap on paper or, even better – drawing it during a meeting with the stakeholders, will be much more effective and explanatory than a standard MS project sheet with milestones.


          Anything related to numbers, graphs, diagrams, directions, especially when trying to show cause and consequence effect, is very easy to put on a picture. You need just a couple of seconds to draw how pieces of your story fit together and emphasize what is important. Of course, you can explain everything, but the picture is what will stay in everyone’s head/notebook after the meeting.


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