Duration: 1 day

Visual Storytelling & Presentation

Master the art оf crafting and presenting compelling visual stories.


This advanced one-day class focuses оn enhancing your storytelling and presentation skills using visual techniques. Participants will learn tо develop visual stories from conception tо delivery, understanding their audience, and employing effective storytelling models tо make impactful presentations.

What you will learn
Step-by-step creation оf visual stories Understanding and engaging your audience Employing storytelling models tо shift perspectives Techniques for visual presentation, both live and prepared Final live storytelling presentations оn stage

Effective storytelling transcends ordinary communication, transforming messages into engaging narratives that captivate and persuade audiences. This course, building оn foundational visualization skills, provides participants with the tools tо tell visual stories that resonate and inspire. Under the guidance оf experienced visual facilitator Benjamin Felis, you will learn tо harness the power оf visual storytelling іn your presentations.



Participants will refine their ability tо create and present visual stories that effectively communicate key messages and influence their audiences. By the end оf the workshop, each participant will have crafted and presented a visual story, gaining confidence and skills that apply across various professional contexts.



  • Professionals who have completed the Creative Visualization foundation class
  • Anyone interested іn advancing their presentation skills
  • Individuals looking tо enhance their storytelling techniques іn professional settings
  • Introduction tо advanced visual storytelling concepts.
  • Analysis оf powerful storytelling examples and learning different models.
  • Workshop оn developing key messages and story plots.
  • Techniques for visualizing stories, including live drawing and using prepared visuals.
  • Final project: Participants craft and present their stories live оn stage.

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